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Digital Community

xTucson is a peer-led community of big thinkers in and around Tucson all working towards the singular goal advancing the region as a whole.

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Programs & Services

xTucson is a highly active Facebook group for entrepreneurs.  They also have held live events from time to time. If you are new to Tucson's innovation community, this is a great place to start! Members are welcomed to post needs, questions, and other valuable information for entrepreneurs.  The group is actively and judiciously monitored by organizers to ensure posts are aligned with the groups objective. 

Prerequisites or Exclusions

You must be approved to join the group

Getting Connected

Head to and seach for xTucson and apply to be included into the group. 

Primary Contact

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Aaron Gopp

Additional Information

Guiding principals:

We give before we get
We take pleasure in helping others succeed
We are collaborative in ALL situations, never combative (it’s not about control)
We are not down with ulterior motives or personal agendas
We are not opportunistic (leave the business cards at home)
We play well with others
We are chill (aka don’t be a jerk)
We go beyond diversity; we pursue equity
We are inviting and open to all
We are all learning (no matter where you are on your journey)
We reject bad actors

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