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Women's Hackathon

Public Land Grant University

UArizona Campus, Central Tucson

Our mission is to bring together as many voices, experiences, and networks as possible so that participants of all skill levels can come together to create tech-driven projects over the course of two days.

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Programs & Services

The annual event brings together creative women of all age groups and skill levels to collaborate on tech-driven projects for a weekend. Their focus is on hacking, coding, learning, and having fun. This event is open to campus and community members of all ages (All minors must be accompanied by a parent). The event is a signature part of TENWEST Impact Festival. 

The Women's Hackathon provides workshops around topics like coding, 3D modeling, drones, virtual reality, bot building, group hack time and mentoring.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

All are encouraged to attend - no computer programming experience required.

Getting Connected
For questions, email

Primary Contact

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Jennifer Nichols

Additional Information

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