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Venture Madness



Venture Madness, presented by Invest Southwest in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority, pits the most promising startups against one another in a live pitch, head-to-head competition.

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Programs & Services

Venture Madness is one of Arizona's largest investor events, drawing investors from numerous states to watch promising companies pitch for cash prizes. It typically takes place in March in Phoenix

Companies must apply to pitch in the competion. Each company that passes the application process is then provided with a Mentor team that provides numerous rounds of feedback on their pitch presentation. While the annual conference typically takes place in Spring, Invest Southwest will host the 2021 Venture Madness Conference October 6-7, 2021, as a hybrid event.  For more details, visit  

Companies pitch in industry verticals, competiting for about $10,000. Most importantly, companies get exposure to an invaluable network of the Southwest’s most active investors who attend Venture Madness specifically to grow their investment portfolios with the next heroes! 

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Companies interested in applying to Venture Madness are welcome to apply April 8 - June 3, 2021 (3 p.m. AZ time). Application information can be found on the website at

Getting Connected

Apply online when the application cycle begins.  If you are interested in attending the pitch compeition as a spectator, tickets can be purchased as well. 

Primary Contact

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Karen Katzorke

Additional Information

Invest Southwest is also partnering with AZ Biosciences Week and Unmet during the week of October 3rd.  The schedule is as follows:
AZ Biosciences:  October 3 - October 6 (5 p.m.)
Venture Madness:  October 6 (evening) - October 7
UNMET: October 8

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