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Town of Oro Valley

Government Entity

Oro Valley

Oro Valley is a great place for emerging industries!

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Programs & Services

The Town of Oro Valley offers the following services:

  • Host 3 startup business classes to educate and support prospective entrepreneur prospects.  

  • Identify, engage, and support community-based “solopreneurs” (consultants, early retirees, freelancers) and others who want to create new businesses.  

  • Host Annual Oro Valley Business Summit with co-host Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Assistance for startups: licenses, VC funding, space, ADMIN support 

  • Startup collision space (opening soon!) 

  • Developing a strategy to identify, engage, and support local residents with business skills and experience they may be willing to share with local business startups within the community. 

  • Expanding incubator capacity 

  • Identifying and funding a small business maker space

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Programs may be limited to businesses located in or serving Oro Valley

Getting Connected

Visit our website and contact us at

Primary Contact

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Margie Adler

Additional Information

The Community and Economic Development department's mission is to provide customers and stakeholders community planning leadership, exceptional customer service, practical guidance, education, and consistent application of building and relevant town codes in a transparent and equitable manner that ensures Oro Valley develops as a community where residents and business owners thrive personally and professionally; live with a strong sense of social well-being and safety; respect the conservation of the natural environment; and participate in a thriving and resilient economy.

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