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The L Offices


Downtown Tucson

“The "L" is such an amazing place to have an office. Whatever your needs they have a package for you and then some. The building and the staff alike are amazing! It only took one visit and our entire real estate team to now proudly office at the "L" and call it home.”

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Programs & Services

The L Offices offers a range of memberships depending on your needs. They have desks, offices, couches, and event spaces for professionals of all types. If you’re a health and wellness professional, check out their wellness rooms and gym co-op rental options.

Amenities available for members include:

  • Full Time or Part Time Private Offices and Coworking Space

  • Event Space & Meeting Rooms

  • Access to an Awesome Community of Innovative Individuals

  • 1 GB Internet Speed

  • 1000 sq ft gym & Golf Simulator

  • Coffee Bar and Beer on Tap

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Membership required for most services.

Getting Connected

Head over to their website to watch a video tour of the space,  book a tour, or contact Krystal with a question today.

Primary Contact

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Krystal Popov

Additional Information

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