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TENWEST Impact Festival


Downtown Tucson

TENWEST helps the curious and the impassioned solve the great economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges of our communities.

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Programs & Services

TENWEST Impact Festival includes a mixture of professional conferences and over 100+ creative, cultural experiences, stretching over multiple days in downtown Tucson.

The festival themes include Sustainability, Science & Technology, Creative Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Education.

The festival is run by Startup Tucson, but with the support and collaboration of over 60 community organizations.

The conference days include dozens of national speakers and local thought-leaders. 

The festival also includes Southern Arizona's largest pitch competition, IdeaFunding.

The professional conference, which draws over 3,000 regional professionals, are intentionally multi-disciplinary to encourage cross collaboration and innovation.

The cultural events, which draw over 14,000 attendees, focus on the arts, food, and innovations of Southern Arizona life.

Prerequisites or Exclusions


Getting Connected

For more information go to or follow TENWEST on Facebook or Instagram. 

Primary Contact

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Liz Pocock

Additional Information

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