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Startup Tucson


Downtown Tucson

Startup Tucson is dedicated to transforming the region's economy through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Programs & Services

Discovery. Free events, like Startup Drinks, provide opportunities to connect with the entrepreneurial community.

Member Network. A free membership program with services such as free monthly coaching, mentor-matching, and referral services. 

Education. Monthly Startup 101 and quarterly Startup Fundamentals workshops form the core of our programming. We host additional advanced workshops throughout the year as well, based on the needs and interests of our community.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

You must attend Startup 101 to become a Startup Tucson Network member. Waived for companies that have completed similar courses through approved partners or are in the advanced stages of their growth. 

Getting Connected

The best way to get connected to Startup Tucson is to attend one of their free community events or sign up for Startup 101. 

Primary Contact

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Megan Finck

Additional Information

"So far, I've been re-inspired by the resources and support I've received from Startup Tucson. I felt I was going at it alone, trying to find the help I needed to grow my business. I now feel confident that I have the support I need right here in Tucson. Thank you!" - Startup Tucson Network Member

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