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Southern Arizona SCORE


West Tucson

Our primary goal is to help small businesses be successful by creating an on-going relationship with the entrepreneur and providing the necessary business expertise to foster success.

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Programs & Services

SCORE is a national nonprofit association dedicated to fostering vibrant small businesses communities through mentoring and education.

Through SCORE's network of over 10,000 seasoned business volunteers serving in over 300 chapters across the United States, SCORE offers confidential 1 x 1 mentoring and no or low cost workshops and online webinars to assist aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners to successfully attain their business goals.

Services Include:

  • Volunteer mentors who share their expertise across 62 industries. You can search for mentors on their online database.

  • Free, confidential 1 x 1 business mentoring in person, virtually or via email

  • Free business tools, templates, and resources online at

  • No or low cost business workshops (locally) and webinars (online 24/7)

Prerequisites or Exclusions


Getting Connected

Visit their website for more information on getting involved. 

You can search for mentors on the website at

And you can find their upcoming workshops at

Primary Contact

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General Inquiries

Additional Information

SCORE's Mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.

SCORE Vision aims to give every person the support they need to thrive as a small business owner.

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