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Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC)


North Tucson

The mission of SALC is to improve greater Tucson and the state of Arizona by bringing together resources and leadership to enhance the economic climate and quality of life in our communities.

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Programs & Services

SALC is a membership organization, composed of about 140 C-suite business and community leaders in the region. SALC has five primary areas of focus: P-20 Education, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Governance and Innovation Economy. We engage in public policy to advance initiatives in each of these areas, and are a respected voice of business leadership in the region and state. We work with elected officials at the local, regional, state and federal levels to advance prosperity for all in Southern Arizona and beyond. SALC is also a founding member of Tucson Business Alliance which is comprised of 7 local business organizations that collaborate on key issues (SALC, Southern Arizona Home Builders Association, Sun Corridor, Tucson Association of Realtors, Tucson Hispanic Chamber, Tucson Metro Chamber, Visit Tucson).

SALC’s senior business leaders work collaboratively with others to improve our economy and quality of life. Our members have a “greater good gene” and are cognizant that when the region thrives, their business or organization prospers. Through SALC meetings and events, members engage with elected leaders at all levels and partner with myriad other organizations including our sister CEO organizations in central and northern Arizona to promote effective public policy.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

SALC is a membership organization of C-suite-level business and community leaders. Those interested in joining can reach out directly to SALC or to a current member.

Getting Connected

Visit our website, follow us on social media (@SALCLeaders on FB and Twitter), connect through our partnership with Tucson Young Professionals, or by attending one of our Focus Area (committee) meetings in the area of interest to you.

Primary Contact

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Paula Toomey

Additional Information

Support from SALC has made the creation and maintenance of this Tucson Startup Ecosystem Guide possible.

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