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Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch


Central Tucson

SVP Fast Pitch helps nonprofits define their impact, powerfully communicate their vision and awareness, and raise more funds as a result.

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Programs & Services

Fast Pitch is a FREE communication skills and fundraising education program for organizations that are creating lasting social change in Southern Arizona. Our program trains nonprofit professionals to powerfully communicate their story, build deep relationships with donors, and strategically market their mission and impact. Professionals from 8 organizations will be accepted into our Fast Pitch "Class" each year! All participants will have the opportunity to deliver their own, unique “fast pitch” and connect with leaders in the business, philanthropic, and nonprofit communities. Fast Pitch is an incredible opportunity for nonprofit organizations to build lasting relationships, gain new resources, and become more resilient.

We support nonprofits and catalyze community change!! Fast Pitch offers:

  • Communication and “pitch” Training

  • Donor Connection and Fundraising Training

  • Marketing Strategy Training

  • Two dedicated and trained Mentors to assist you with crafting and honing your “fast pitch”

  • The opportunity to deliver YOUR message, need, and impact to a global audience

  • Thousands of dollars in non-restricted grants

  • Connections to donors, including representatives from major foundations, corporations, private donors, and more!

  • Visibility in our community, with multiple platforms to tell your story


SVP Tucson is committed to the 2Gen (Two Generation) Approach and is deeply engaged in building awareness, understanding and implementation of 2Gen strategies in the nonprofit sector and broader community. 2Gen approaches center whole families.

Applicant organizations must meet one or more of the following 2Gen values. Does your organization…?

  • Honor Lived Experience by centering voices of parents, caregivers, and families, their expertise, their experiences, challenges, and solutions. Do you have strategic ways to incorporate client feedback and build client agency?

  • Embrace an abundant and ambitious mindset. Does your organization use a trauma informed, coaching or assets-based approach to programming?

  • Believe equity is the moral center and encompass racial, gender, and economic equity with an intersectional lens. How is your agency/program centering equity?

  • Welcome diverse viewpoints, invest in system, policy, and social impact leaders for the long-run. Does your agency invest in centering diverse viewpoints and how?

Prerequisites or Exclusions

See above.

Getting Connected

Our application process is ANNUAL! Each year we accept 8 organizations into our program.

Applications open = Beginning of August

Fast Pitch Class is selected = End of November

Training Program= January-May

Main Event Pitch Showcase: End of March

To support nonprofits, we provide:

  • Information Sessions when applications open = late July or early August.

  • Application Writing Workshops for anyone that wants support on writing their application = mid August.

  • Feedback to nonprofits who are NOT accepted into the program (Optional Opportunity) = End of November

Primary Contact

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Brittany Battle, Fast Pitch Director

Additional Information

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Fast Pitch is a program of SVP Tucson. SVP is a global organization with a local chapter in Tucson. SVP is focused on solving our worlds most entrenched problems by helping individuals realize greater impact with their giving, strengthening nonprofits, and investing in collaborative solutions.

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