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We are on a mission to educate, accelerate, and invest in entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to social problems.

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Programs & Services

SEED SPOT, a 501c3 nonprofit, is a globally-ranked social impact incubator and accelerator dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who are creating a product, service, or technology that improves lives. SEED SPOT builds ecosystems and empowers entrepreneurs by providing access to business fundamentals, mentorship, capital sources, and community partners that assist in converting innovative ideas into marketable solutions. SEED SPOT’s goal is to increase the number of socially impactful startups that are driving innovation and economic growth globally.


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic which has paralyzed business from Main Street to Wall Street, SEED SPOT is providing a suite of virtual programming options designed to build bridges for entrepreneurs throughout their journey. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of America’s economy and our future depends on supporting innovators who are the horsepower of America’s economic engine. SEED SPOT’s virtual programming provides entrepreneurs in communities across the greater Washington region the ability to explore entrepreneurship opportunities, meet with mentors and other entrepreneurs to workshop challenges, and access learning opportunities presented by industry leaders. To date, SEED SPOT has had tremendous success serving entrepreneurs virtually, engaging a total of 286 entrepreneurs across 27 states and six countries.


SEED SPOT's proven curriculum, social impact methodology, and mentor program are all designed to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs. Of the 884 entrepreneurs supported by SEED SPOT since 2012, 81% of alumni are underrepresented founders (women, entrepreneurs of color, LGBTQ, entrepreneurs of differing abilities, previously incarcerated, first-generation citizens, immigrants, and entrepreneurs with military status).

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Getting Connected

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Tristan Gandolfi

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