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Pima Community College


Multiple Locations Throughout Tucson

The mission of Pima Community College is to be an open-admissions institution providing affordable, comprehensive educational opportunities that support student success and meet the diverse needs of its students and community. This mission, along with our vision and values, provide the framework for College activities.

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Programs & Services

Pima Community College is a two-year college serving the greater Tucson metropolitan area at six locations throughout Pima County. Founded in 1966, Pima's credit courses award certificates and associate's degrees in a variety of fields. PCC also provides workforce development, career training programs, continuing education, and adult education.

Specific Programs for Entrepreneurs Include:

Small Business Certificate - a 21 unit certification program to get an introduction to business skills and principles.

Advanced Business Certificate - a 33 unit program to learn fundamental principles of business and skills in accounting, management and marketing.

Custom Training Programs - High-Impact Training for Your Organization (Large or Small): a professional service devoted to the design and delivery of education and employee training for businesses and organizations.

Pima Community College also offers non-credit classes at your organization's location on a schedule that accommodates your business activities.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

To become a student at Pima Community College, you must fill out application and fulfill prerequisites to join.

Getting Connected

Visit the website to get more information about pricing and the application process

Primary Contact

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General Inquiries

Additional Information

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