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Optics Valley

Subcommittee of AZ Tech Council


Our mission is to catalyze, convene and connect optics, photonics, astronomy and the supporting business interests throughout Arizona.

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Programs & Services

Optics Valley, a committee of the Arizona Technology Council, is one of the leading clusters for optics, photonics and astronomy in the world.

Educational Events: Offer educational and business development opportunities at professional and community events including Arizona Photonics Days, International Day of Light, TENWEST, Southern Arizona Tech+Business Expo, workshops and networking events.

Global Conferences: Facilitate marketing opportunities for our members at industry and scientific conferences worldwide including Photonics West. Laser World of Photonics, Optics + Photonics, FiO+LS and OPTIFAB.

Public Policy: Work through public policy channels to support outdoor lighting standards for dark skies as well as commerce-friendly export regulations.

Optics Valley also provides members with B2B networking, education and business development opportunities at community events, industry events and scientific conferences.

  • Membership: Engage and grow membership statewide

  • Committee Meetings: We hold periodic meetings to address key industry issues, plan future events and provide opportunities for business networking and member growth. CEOs, academic representatives and other key stakeholders are invited to participate.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Membership to AZ Tech Council required for most events.

Getting Connected

Connect with John Dennis or visit their website for more details. 

Primary Contact

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John Dennis

Additional Information

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