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McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship (UArizona)

Public Land Grant University


The mission of the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship is to help students improve their potential and advance society by developing an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. The vision of the McGuire Center is to be a global leader in entrepreneurship and innovation education and research.

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Programs & Services

In just one year, you’ll build a new venture from the ground up.  Online, part-time, and full-time educational options for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. As a part of the McGuire Center, students can access various programs that focus on specific sectors, regions, and scale. They seek partnerships with small businesses where students work on business consulting projects, where both parties benefit. The McGuire New Venture Development program includes graduate-level courses. Small Business Certificate, Southern Arizona Entrepreneurship Accelerator Workshops, MAP, Venture Development Program, Innovation Lab Makerspace, CoLab, InnovateUA, New Venture

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Getting Connected

Learn more about the progam on their website.

Primary Contact

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Ted McGuire

Additional Information

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