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Legal Aid of Arizona



Small businesses are critical to our economy and provide important services to the public, from medical care to real estate advice and everything in between. Yet when realtors, doctors, accountants, or other small business owners have a legal question, they are often left facing the prospect of paying a large retainer to hire a law firm.

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Programs & Services

Legal Aid of Arizona and its network of attorneys are dedicated to assisting small businesses and their owners with various legal issues, such as employment matters, contracts, collections, and compliance. These are issues that may be addressed pro-bono or without a need for an extensive retainer.  

Examples include:

  • Employment law (FMLA, overtime, workers compensation, unemployment)

  • Problems with employees (embezzlement, fraud, non-compliance)

  • Contract disputes (enforceability of non-compete, non-solicitation)

  • Internal disputes with co-owners

  • Trademarks and IP rights

  • Defamation and online reviews

  • Collection of bills and invoices

  • Healthcare provider liens

  • Subpoena compliance

  • Commercial insurance (malpractice, general commercial liability)

  • Defense of lawsuits

  • Access to the court system (small claims, justice court, superior court)

Prerequisites or Exclusions

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Getting Connected

Email the organization or call 480-389-6718 for assistance.

Primary Contact

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General Inquiries

Additional Information

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