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IP Clinic (UArizona College of Law)

Public Land Grant University


Like the rugged Tucson landscape that surrounds our campus, we’re built to take on challenges. We’re rooted in tradition, but not bound by convention. We value diversity of thought, background, experience, and culture in every dimension of the law school experience.

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Programs & Services

The Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic (IP Clinic) is a legal clinic that counsels individuals, startups, and ongoing businesses on securing and maintaining their intellectual property (IP) rights, including rights in patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights.  The IP Clinic also advises on select business legal issues, including entity formation and structure as well as basic contractual matters.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Availability limited

Getting Connected

Apply to become a client of the clinic using this form. Visit their website for complete details. 

Primary Contact

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Gavin Milczarek-Desai

Executive Director, IP and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Additional Information

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