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Downtown Tucson

IdeaFunding is one of Arizona's largest conferences for entrepreneurs. It is a full day of pitch competitions, panels, discussions, speakers and networking around best practices, key lessons and next steps to launch a company.

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Programs & Services

IdeaFunding is one of Arizona's largest entrepreneurial conferences and pitch competitions and the longest continually running startup event in all of Arizona. Every year hundreds of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and business leaders come together to connect with each other, learn and be inspired by the best new ideas Arizona has to offer. The event provides entrepreneurs in southern Arizona with the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest best practices in today’s startup environment, and to present their own business ideas to experienced startup investors.

One of the unique features of IdeaFunding is the hands-on mentorship and training that teams receive prior to pitching. As the pitch competition focuses mainly on early-stage companies, teams are trained on the many facets of successful pitches, including storytelling, delivery, pitch deck design, and flow, and mentors coach teams to refine their pitches into compelling and powerful presentations.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

While anyone may purchase a ticket to attend the IdeaFunding conference, startups must apply to pitch in the pitch competition. The pitch application window typically opens two or three months prior to the conference.

Getting Connected

For more information about IdeaFunding, check out the Startup Tucson website or contact the Startup Tucson team.

Primary Contact

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Liz Pocock

Additional Information

IdeaFunding is only one day of the impact festival called TENWEST. For more information about TENWEST, check out

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