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Desert Angels


Central Tucson

“It is safe to say that there would have been no Calimmune without the early support of the Desert Angels. Many members of the DA share our passion and see the potential for gene therapy to transform healthcare and liberate patients from chronic and incurable diseases. Their investments have helped us grow this company to what it is today. We truly hope Calimmune’s work will be life-changing for the people we plan to serve and the investors that supported us.”
Louis Breton, CEO of Calimmune

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Programs & Services

Desert Angels is a nonprofit organization of accredited investor members who invest in early-stage scalable companies across multiple industries nationwide. We are among the top 10 most active angel groups in the country, currently ranked #1 in the Southwest Region and #4 in the Country based on number of deals done in the latest Angel Resource Institute HALO Report. We are a charter member of the Angel Capital Association, the professional trade association of angel investment groups; and a member of the Angel Syndication Network, representing over 70 angel groups actively engaged in collaboration for deal syndication. Our members will typically invest between $4million-$6million per year, and the portfolio is roughly 50% life sciences, 30% SAAS, 20% other (cleantech, materials, other). 

For members, Desert Angels provides connections, investor education, group syndication, and vetted deal flow.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

An ideal opportunity investment for our members is an early-stage company with an exceptional
management team, significant market opportunity, scalable innovation, strong competitive advantages,
a clear exit strategy, and a reasonable valuation with well-developed financials. Our members prefer
priced rounds and will not consider SAFE agreements or opportunities outside of the USA.
Companies interested to pursue investment from Desert Angels are invited to apply here: This enables you to create an online data room to share
materials and communicate with members. Companies that garner interest are invited to a Zoom
screening session to learn more. Based on those sessions, 2-3 companies are selected to present at a
monthly member meeting, to connect directly with members and determine any next steps. The time
from application to funding depends on member interest and level of detail provided. We appreciate
this is an investment of time; all companies that engage in screening receive feedback and roughly half
of those who present at a monthly meeting receive investment. In some cases, Desert Angels may offer
to syndicate the investment deal with other angel groups if due diligence is completed successfully, and
additional funding may be available through the Sidecar fund. Desert Angels never charges the company
a fee.

Getting Connected

If you are interested in learning more about membership, please reach out to any of us, or submit your interest via an application here: . If you are interested in applying for investment, the best first step is to create an online data room using the link above.

Primary Contact

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Joann MacMaster, CEO or Jeffrey Lang, Chairman of the Board

Additional Information

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