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Canyon Angels



Let's fund your purpose, together.

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Programs & Services

Canyon Angels are a charter member of the Angel Capital Association. Canyon Angels host six investor meetings where CEO’s pitch their companies from September through April with consistent deal flow through the “off-season.” 

Since 2015, they have funded approximately 19 different ventures totaling over $2.5 million in investments from their  members.

They are most interested in funding seed-stage companies that can provide at least a 5x return on investment within a 3 - 7 year timeframe. 

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Qualified opportunities are accepted to pitch in front of their investors.

Getting Connected

If you are interested in pitching for the Canyon Angles, register through Gust, answer their screening questions and submit required materials. 

Primary Contact

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Tim Kelley

Additional Information

Canyon Angels is partnered with Grand Canyon University. They have launched Canyon Ventures, which is a unique business incubator and accelerator that seeks to expedite the growth and scale of startup ventures in the Phoenix community through a rent-free co-working style ecosystem. This gives students the ability to seek employment with industry specific companies while working toward their degrees, and also gives companies access to ready employees.

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