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Arizona Capital Source

LLC, 50: 501(c)4 Civic Non-Profit

Tucson & Phoenix

Supporting Arizona small business is all we do! Local decisions, dedicated focus, and options not available elsewhere set us apart.

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Programs & Services

Arizona Capital Source is the only Arizona-based CDC (Certified Development Company) licensed to provide the SBA 504 program. The program supports small businesses and their owners by allowing as little as 10% down on a building or equipment purchase, and is a significant enhancement when seeking formal approval with your bank. The program is specifically designed to ease access to capital for small business, the engine that drives economic development nation-wide. Eligibility is focused on job creation, though several public policy goals are supported for eligibility as well, including veteran-owned, woman-owned, minority-owned, location in low and moderate income areas, location in rural areas, and several others. 

As the name implies we are a trusted source for accessing capital for small business in Arizona. In addition to the SBA 504 program we are also licensed as a CA-SBLC (Community Advantage Small Business Lending Company) through SBA's 7a program. The Community Advantage program supports business loans from $50,000 -  $350,000, a traditionally difficult segment for most banks to serve. Difficult for them but a focus for us; supporting small business is all we do and we don't stop there. Municipal Development Authorities have seen fit to have us manage their direct lending activities, and we house a sister organization specializing in micro loans up to $100,000 via the CDFI designation (Community Development Financial Institute). Arizona Capital Source is designed with more options for small business and the ability to get creative.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

For the 504 and Community Advantage loans the business must be located within Arizona and be organized for-profit. Eligible business must not discriminate (no male-only clubs, women-only gyms, etc.)

Getting Connected

We invite you to visit our website for more information. We have offices in Phoenix (602.381.6292) and Tucson (520.623.3377) - stop by or give us a ring!

Primary Contact

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Lori Simmons

Additional Information

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