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5 Lights Group


Northeast Tucson

5Lights works with our partners through sleeves-up, elbows to elbows and hands-on collaboration to create iconic companies.

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Programs & Services

5lights offers private equity, business incubation, and management for their partner companies. They focus on helping their partner companies build around their "5 principals" -- Secret, Market, Model, Resources, and Team.

The organization also offers their partner companies resources/team extensions in capital investment, executives-in-residence, data scientists, domain experts, c-suites, talent development, culture development, incubation, and 5Lights Capital.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

5Lights is careful to select teams that exhibit unwavering mettle, are dedicated to a culture of optimization and innovation, and are well-steeped in sound business processes, but unbound by them.

Getting Connected

Companies interested in partnering with 5Lights should contact the organization via email.

Primary Contact

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General Inquiries

Additional Information

5Lights Groups serves companies from around the world.

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