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Evan Grae Davis






My passion is telling emotionally connecting visual stories that inspire understanding and action. In addition to creating my own International independent feature documentary films with a focus on human rights and social action, I have partnered with hundreds of businesses, nonprofits and causes– helping them tell their story. With nearly 30 years of experience, I can help you refine and define your message, and deliver a beautiful, cinematic piece that will engender an enthusiastic response from your viewers.

My proficiency in all aspects of production, including conceptualization, project management, writing, cinematography, design, post-production and distribution, is enhanced by my broad team of industry professionals (designers, artists, animators, composers, aerial/drone pilots, etc.) who are highly specialized in their areas of expertise.


Videography -- Commercial & Business, Non-Profits and Activism, Music, Theater and Arts, and Professional Coaching and Consultants

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Evan Grae Davis

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