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Startup Unidos

Private Entity & 501(c)3

Southern Arizona/Northern Sonora

Startup Unidos creates, cultivates, and supports collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship among diverse populations throughout the Arizona-Sonora region.

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Programs & Services

Startup Unidos nurtures emerging companies, assists growing firms and support communities, governments and educational institutions throughout the region with their expansive network, contacts, events, programing, and mentorship.

Community Development - workshops, events and training programs support capacity building and growth for counties, cities and towns throughout the Arizona-Sonora region.

Inclusive Tech Programming - programs that intentionally bridge underrepresented communities with the resources and support needed to succeed in the world of technology.


Youth Programs to inspire young minds to use their creativity and imagination to solve some of the biggest real-world problems facing the Arizona-Sonora border region.

Prerequisites or Exclusions


Getting Connected

Follow the organization on social platforms and their website for updates on upcoming events and initiatives.

Primary Contact

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Stephanie Bermudez

Additional Information

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