Barrio + Co


Barrio Viejo

BARRIO + CO collaborates with business owners and executives to solve their most vexing challenges using proven frameworks and methodologies.


Programs & Services

Barrio+Co is the umbrella organization that runs flexible co-working locations as well as education, coaching and mentoring for founders.

They offer business modeling, value building, executive/founder advising, and connection to other founders and executives. They offer a mixture of free and paid programming in both one-to-one and group settings.

Additionally they offer education, consulting, private advisory boards for CEOs, founders, and business owners, and networking. Additionally, they offer coworking and event space through their affiliated companies Meyer, Anexo, La Suprema.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Check website for fees and eligibility. Some programs require and application.

Getting Connected

Their website has more information about upcoming events and offerings. They can also be reached by connecting with their community coordinator.

Primary Contact

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Alex Biddle

Additional Information

"Katina & Gina are perhaps the most powerful business duo I've seen. While they do meaningful work in the community and leverage years of hands-on experience and connections, few people know that they are down to earth awesome, friendly, and will always help you take your business to the next level."-- Eduard Gomberg - CEO Audivity