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MOMENTUM Creative Cities Summit


Northwest Tucson

MOMENTUM is a professional conference, organized by SAACA designed to propel creatives forward and foster a strong community of professional creative in Tucson.

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Programs & Services

MOMENTUM is an annual conference for creative professionals.  The event is designed to help creatives professionals in diverse fields to increase their business skills, networks, and community. The conference is run by SAACA and includes workshops, panels, and keynotes.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

The conference requires a pass, which can be purchased on SAACA's website.

Getting Connected

Follow SAACA's newsletters and social forums to get updated information about the annual conference.

Primary Contact

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Matt Rolland

Additional Information

The Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance is a dynamic locally run nonprofit based in Tucson, AZ who collaborates throughout the State of Arizona and Nationally to leverage the power of community creativity and culture to transform our community through art.

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