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Invest Southwest



Invest Southwest’s commitment to the region and the startup community is manifest through year-round marketing initiatives that provide valuable insights and education on topics important to the startup ecosystem, as well as opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to connect during educational seminars and networking events.

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Programs & Services

Invest Southwest connects investors with the region's most promising startups and emerging growth companies. Since 1992, Invest Southwest has helped startups and emerging growth companies raise more than $1 Billion in capital. It offers various programs and events throughout the year and is most recognized for its annual signature event, Venture Madness.

The Venture Madness Conference, presented by Invest Southwest, and in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority pits together startups and emerging growth companies in one day format. The conference is generally held annually in early spring. Companies interested in applying can learn more by attending one of our free Get Ready Seminars or by signing up on our website at

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Must apply on the website.

Getting Connected

Sign up for news and updates on the website at

Primary Contact

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Karen Katzorke

Additional Information

“The competition connects established companies that are prepared to scale with the right investors to create key relationships to accelerate their growth. Even the companies that don’t win the event are exposed to a room full of the region’s most active angel and institutional investors, which often leads to future growth opportunities just from the networking. I’m excited to see who takes home a prize this year!”

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