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Go For Vertical


Central Tucson

VALIDATE. FUND. BUILD. LAUNCH. These steps are how Go For Vertical helps ambitious early-stage entrepreneurs turn their ideas into market-driven, venture-funded companies with rapid growth and traction. Think of us as the business and technical co-founders for your new startup. You bring the great idea, and we help do the rest.

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Programs & Services

Go For Vertical is a software company and tech incubator that helps build teams, develop technology and launch startups. They first started helping teams in Tucson, AZ and Austin, TX in 2015, and have been working with startups here and abroad ever since to deliver the solutions they need to go to market. With Vertical, startups can nail their business, design and engineering challenges, which means validating their business model, developing the right technology, and bringing products to market as quickly as possible.

Programs Offered for Entrepreneurs:

Immersion Programs:

  1. BaseCamp - This 4 week accelerator program is for ideation-stage founders and covers startup fundamentals like the lean canvas, customer interviews and lean experimentation. You start with an idea, and come out with the vision for your startup.

  2. Climb - is for early-stage founders and is where the rubber meets the road: we’ll validate your new startup concept using strategic digital marketing and prototype development, and make sure that there is an audience (and customers) for it.

  3. Summit - is for founders who have done all of the critical legwork for their startup, have funding, and are ready make it happen. Our team of business, creative and technical experts will use our hyper-lean Vertical framework to provide the key expertise and capability you need to get your startup launched at a fraction of the cost of other development methods.

Prerequisites or Exclusions

GFV offers services for both early and later stage companies.

Getting Connected

Visit their website for more information or connect with their founder for specific questions. 

Primary Contact

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Edward Cruz

Additional Information

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