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Diamond Ventures



DVI Equity Partners is committed to accelerating innovation by helping entrepreneurs remove barriers, focus disruptive technologies, refine business strategies and positioning themselves for high-impact growth and success.

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Programs & Services

DVI Equity Partners specializes in micro-cap investments in start-up and early stage companies. They prefer to be the first institutional money in (Series A) with the goal of helping build out the company. 

They focus on technology-related sectors, emerging-growth, and growth-equity investments at the expansion stage, Specifically: 

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Cyber Security

  • Video Analytics

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Process Improvement

  • Automation

They have a preference for companies located in the Southwest (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Utah), but will accept companies outside of the geographic zone if it is a fit. 

Prerequisites or Exclusions

Qualified Opportunities must be in their service areas.

Getting Connected

Interesting companies can submit a form on their website. 

Primary Contact

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Ngoc Can

Additional Information

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